Grout is available in both sanded and non-sanded varieties. Refer to the grout manufacturer’s specifications for appropriate use. When installed in pools, we recommend grouting art glass with a cement-based sanded grout (will not scratch the tile). Blue, green, and red grouts may not be appropriate for submerged applications; consult the grout manufacturer for specific use recommendations and limitations.


There are a wide variety of anti-fracture and waterproofing products available for use in tile installations. Each membrane product will vary in type, application and performance; consult the product manufacturer for specific recommendations and limitations.


Glass or stone can be cut to meet job site dimensions with the use of a high-quality wet tile saw equipped with a continuous, smooth-rim, diamond glass tile blade. To facilitate wet cutting, face taped mosaics may need to be cut individually as excessive saw overspray may cause them to fall off the tape.  Glass or stone can be drilled using a wet core diamond bit, designed for drilling dense materials (i.e., glass or granite) and a water swivel (central water feed). Solid blocking for the anchoring of fixtures, such as shower doors and towel bars, must be installed prior to installing the tile substrate. The diameter of all drilled holes must be large enough to allow the fastener to pass through the tile and substrate without making contact.



The 3/8’’ Shell Mosaic is backed to a porcelain base, which makes the material 3/8’’ total thickness.   This type of shell can only be applicate on interior floors (in light traffic areas only) and on interior walls, except in moist areas and climates.

The 1/8’’ Shell Mosaic is mounted to a thin mesh substrate with no base and is 1/8’’ total thickness. This type of shell is recommended for: interior walls, exterior walls (if in a covered area only), conventional shower walls, pools, fountains, submersion and water features applications.

The 3/8’’ Gold Glass is recommended for interior walls and conventional shower walls (on no-impact shower walls only).

Sample box

Sample box