About us

THE HISTORY – One of North America’s leading stone companies driven by a European heritage… a heritage of transforming architectural stone of unsurpassed quality and refinement, sourced from all corners of the world.    And now complemented by a selection of exclusive decorative surfaces and Italian-engineered porcelain.  Moruzzi is your reference for the execution of impeccable designs whether large-scale commercial projects or exclusive residences.  


THE EXPERTISE – More than 60 years of experience passed down through generations and reinforced by a team of professionals with the knowledge to guide you through the selection of the best-suited materials for your project.   From on-site consultations, time management, and quantity analysis to dry laying before installation, Moruzzi’s reputation as a stone specialist guarantees absolute results… our list of established clients is our testament.


THE CAPABILITY –- Our investments in the latest stone processing technology and machinery translates to the efficient use of this raw material, contributing to both cost savings and the environment. Highly trained technicians have the ability to realize the most challenging designs and produce a multitude of surface finishes. Craftsmen with a passion for stone hand-tool the most intricate finishing detail.         


THE MATERIAL – MARBLE · ONYX · QUARTZITE · TRAVERTINE · LIMESTONE · BASALT · GRANITE More than 450 individual stone varieties sourced from all corners of the world (380 available in inventory.  EXCLUSIVE SURFACES - reclaimed stone, stone and glass mosaics, terrazzo, fresh and salt water mother-of-pearl mosaics and hand-painted terra cotta, god is in the details.  ENGINEERING THE FUTURE - porcelain slabs, tiles and stone glass, today’s reality in the quest for low maintenance cost-effective surfaces.




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